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9 Seven Oaks Road
Clayton, NC


Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business, makes people safer, more secure and more empowered by inventing and commercializing innovative, personal security devices.

Using proven technology in a unique design, Tiger Eye has created a small (size of a quarter), lightweight, voice activated, wearable device called the Tiger Eye Security Sensor, that can be disguised as jewelry or a name badge, that brings all of the features of a real-time, live, home -security monitoring system into a mobile, personal system.


Voice Activated- TESS gives you an intuitive and hands-free way to call for help when you’re in danger.

Vital Information- TESS captures audio and photographs of the event and stores them in the cloud for local authorities to access.

Professional Monitoring Service- Representatives are available 24/7 and are immediately called when TESS is activated to get you the help you need.

Seamless Integration- TESS is small, lightweight and will look good with any outfit with our variety of customizable cases


What is TESS™?

Tiger Eye Security Sensor, or TESS, is the revolutionary, wearable and hands-free personal security device that allows you to take home-based security monitoring with you outside the home and provides actionable evidence for the identification and prosecution of criminals.



Check our our Indiegogo video to see how TESS™ might work!



TESS™ is Voice Activated

TESS™ is the first personal security device on the market to be voice activated. It has been intuitively designed to react to your natural response during the chaos of an attack, rather than requiring you to fumble for your mace or push buttons on your phone. TESS™ is activated when you simply call out for help. This voice activation also means that you're able to keep your head up and focused on your surroundings at all times. 

TESS™ Records and Stores Vital Information

  • TESS™ starts capturing audio 5 seconds before activation and then begins taking photos every 2 seconds for 90 seconds following the activation.

  • This information is sent to the cloud, where the local authorities can access the information to identify, capture and prosecute the perpetrator.

  • The vital information captured can help take criminals off the street. 

  • Even if TESS™ is stolen or destroyed during the attack, the data is still in the cloud.

Professional Monitoring Service

  • Real Time, Live Help - Monitoring personnel are available 24/7/365 to respond to your specific situation.

  • Professional monitoring ensures the help you need will be sent your way.

  • The monitoring representative will stay on the line with you until the police arrive.

  • TESS™ can track your GPS coordinates in order to send police to your location.

Seamless Integration into Daily Life

  • Packed inside this tiny device are an LED light, camera, microphone, speaker, Bluetooth® connection, G-force sensor and a battery.
  • Full Day Battery Life - Recharge TESS™ when you recharge your phone.

  • Small and lightweight - Wearable as a pin, pendant, name badge or clip with a variety of customizable cases.

What Happens When You Activate TESS™?


Who needs TESS™?

TESS™ is needed by a wide variety of people, including female college students, Realtors, active seniors, runners, health care workers and more! 

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About Us

Tiger Eye founder CJ Scarlet is no stranger to violence and crime. After being haunted for decades by a history of childhood sexual abuse and a teen sexual assault, CJ sought help and became a staunch victims’ advocate.

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