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      China Import & Export FairCN

      August 27-29, 2021

      For Visitor


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      Visitor Group

      Exclusive services for group visitors: 

      1. Free shuttle bus service; 
      2. The organizer will provide free lunch tickets for group visitors in the morning; 
      3. VIP visit card, save the time of waiting in line for the card; 
      4. Free exhibition journal, including all exhibitors' information; 
      5. One official fine souvenir of the exhibition; 
      6. Free of charge to get professional photographers to take team photos, leaving a good memory. 

      Group qualification:

      1. If the group number of your company / Industry Association reaches 20 or more, you can contact the organizer to obtain the group audience registration form. 
      2. Fill in the group audience registration form and return it before April 7,2016: 
      Tel: (86) 20 3889 6896 
      Email: osdexpo@126.com 
      The organizer has the final right to interpret the event