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      China Import & Export FairCN

      August 27-29, 2021

      Meat Processing

      Exhibition Introduction

      ? ? 2021 IFCE ASIA which will be held on August 27-29, 2021 in China Import&Export Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China ?focus on China and over seas market. It is a influential platform for ?meat and meat processing manufacturers. IFCE will be held with Guangzhou FLE and Guangzhou EXPO at the same time, which will be attracted many quality buyers form USAJapanSpanish NetherlandsFranceGerman Britain New Zealand Australia all the world. ?Meanwhile , Varied seminar forum and Promotion will be held for seeking solution and establishing cooperation .?

      Exhiniton Scope

      Meat FOOD:
      BeafPork   mutton  Poultry and eggs product  meatball meatroll  sausage ham bacon pork luncheon meat  and Preparedfoods
      Meat Processing Exquipment :
      Meat cutting and processing equipment, abattoir equipment technology and accessories, natural and artificial casings processing machinery and equipment, weighing and processing equipment and technology, enema machine, cooking equipment and technology, clean meats, the sterilization equipment, operating health and work safety equipment, processing and control engineering and automation, meat food safety traceability system of technology and products
      Packaging Machinery and Materials:
      Packaging machinery, packaging materials, artificial and natural casings, printing, labeling and code spraying technology, automation, intelligent packaging solutions
      Refrigeration equipment:
      Cold storage and refrigeration equipment for meat products, cold chain equipment for terminal sales, refrigerated transport vehicles and storage equipment for meat products, cold chain logistics
      Meat flavors:
      Condiments, additives, food ingredients
      Animal health products:
      Veterinary drugs and raw materials, drug additives, diagnostic reagents for livestock and poultry vaccines, biological products, veterinary instruments, veterinary drug processing equipment, etc

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      OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
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      Move-in time
      August? 25-27,2020
      Show time
      August? 28-31, 2020
      ChinaImport & Export(Canton Fair) Complex

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