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      China Import & Export FairCN

      August 27-29, 2021

      Fresh Processing Packaging&Cat

      Exhibition Introduction

      ? ?2021 the 6th guangzhou international raw processing packaging and food industrial equipment exhibition (English abbreviation: FLE) exhibition based on China, brings together professional quality professional audience, in 6 years, show a new upgrade, focusing on fresh processing equipment, fresh packaging standardization technology, food and beverage processing equipment, food packaging, cold-chain central kitchen equipment, meat processing and refrigerated food, cold chain logistics and distribution services such as the whole industry chain as a whole solution of exhibition trade platform! Held at the same time with Guangzhou International Fresh Supply Chain and Cold Chain Technology and Equipment Exhibition, the upstream and downstream industry chain is seamlessly connected, and the ecological industry chain from farm base, processing to dining table is comprehensively displayed. Through forms the closed loop, the booster industry intelligence, intensive, standardization, booming industry topics seminar will be held and the product promotion, industry innovation development peak BBS, promote the industry forefront of the information and technical exchanges, and jointly explore the latest market trends and innovative solutions, and promote the establishment of cooperative partnership!

      Exhibits Sector

      Fresh packaging equipment and materials:
      Food packaging equipment, fruit and vegetable packaging equipment, fish and meat packaging equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, air control packaging equipment; Fresh packaging boxes, sticking packaging, pallets, fruit and vegetable packaging boxes/bags, food packaging containers, aluminum foil packaging bags, refrigerated packaging/barrier packaging, label packaging, code spraying machine, fresh-keeping materials, refrigerant products, plastic wrap, etc.
      Catering packaging:
      Disposable packaging lunch box/tableware, environmental protection tableware, biodegradable materials, beverage cups and utensils, take-away incubator, hot shaped catering packaging.
      Weighing, labeling equipment, automatic sorting equipment, sealing machine, strapping machine, food metal detector, etc.
      Fresh deep processing equipment and catering standard processing equipment:
      Central kitchen equipment, food production and processing machinery equipment, refrigeration equipment, sterilization equipment, quick-freezing equipment, pre-cooling equipment, etc.
      Deep processing equipment for meat and poultry cutting: bone sawing machine, meat dicing machine, shredded meat cutting machine, meat mincing machine, pork peeling machine, slicer, etc.
      Cooked meat processing equipment: stirring machine, chopping and mixing machine, rolling and rubbing machine, enema machine, tendon breaking machine, saline injection machine, etc.
      Single machine for fruit and vegetable cutting and processing: dicing machine, vegetable cutting machine, strip cutting machine, etc.
      Cleaning equipment of fruits and vegetables: cleaning machine assembly line, washing machine, cleaning and peeling machine;
      Slaughtering, cutting and processing equipment: tools for cattle, sheep and pigs, cutting tools, etc.
      Mechanical spare parts consumables: saw blade, meat cutter, orifice plate, peeling knife, etc.
      Deep processing equipment for agricultural products:
      Purification engineering: workshop purification, cleaning equipment control system/air conditioning purification equipment

      Guangzhou Coldchain Industry Association?
      OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
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      OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
      Guangzhou BOYI Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd

      Move-in time
      August ?25-27,2020
      Show time
      August ?28-31, 2020
      ChinaImport & Export(Canton Fair) Complex

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