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      China Import & Export FairCN

      August 27-29, 2021

      Cold Chain Expo

      Exhibition Introduction

      Wisdom Cold Chain, Link ?Health
      We are committed to building the Internet + Wisdom cool chain solution,
      which displays ?cold chain distribution services, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment, refrigeration engineering and purification technology,
      fresh processing and packaging technology and equipment, refrigerated transport equipment, refrigerated ?cabinet, cold chain storage and handling equipment,
      fresh retail products and services。

      Events achieve "win-win" situation
      Many ?semilar & folum at the sametime

      Lead exhibitors

      Exhibits Sector

      Cold chain logistics service
      Cold chain logistics service providers
      Cold chain information & testing
      Supply chain for cold chain logistics?
      Cold chain logistics and packaging solutions
      Cold chain logistics distribution center, designing institutes

      Cold storage and warehouse automation
      Pre-cooling equipment, cooling machines, pre-cooling storagee
      Cold storage engineering (controlled atmosphere storage, cold storage, quick-freezing, freezer, etc.)
      Cold storage refrigeration units, cold plates, cold storage doors, temperature control technology, lighting, thermostats
      Cold storage operators
      Cold chain sorting equipment
      Cold tray
      Electric forklift
      Storage and transportation equipment

      Temperature control supply chain
      Cold chain information & testing
      Cold chain electronic label
      Cold chain logistics service?
      Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics
      Electronic temperature control
      Cold chain tracking recognition

      New technology of fresh logistics
      Bar-code scanner
      Cold chain electronic label
      RFID system
      Intelligent visual image, biometrics and ?AI technology
      Intelligent payment technology and system
      Cloud computing and platform
      Mobile internet finance

      Cold chain transport equipment and technology
      Logistics and transport equipment
      Modified refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks, insulation vehicles, special vehicles
      Last-mile delivery trucks
      Refrigeration units for vehicles
      Turnover boxes, material baskets
      Refrigerated transport containers (food grade)
      Incubators (food grade)
      Chilling bags, ice bags, frozen packaging

      New retail equipment and technology
      Fresh goods parcel locker, vending machine
      Fresh unstaffed convenience store

      Smart shopping Basket, smart shelf, smart packaging

      Guangzhou Coldchain Industry Association
      OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
      Guangzhou BOYI Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd

      OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
      Guangzhou BOYI Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd

      Move-in time
      August ?25-27,2020
      Show time
      August ?28-31, 2020
      ChinaImport & Export(Canton Fair) Complex

      Contact US:
      OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
      Tel:+86 20 3889 6896
      Fax:+86 20 3868 1916